Circular / Office Order / Office Memorandum
Sr. No. Title Download
1 Office Order regarding Instruction on bookings of air tickets on Government account in respect of Leave Travel Concession (LTC).  
2 Circular regarding submission of Google Form by the Students who wants to avail any Scholarship.  
3 Circular regarding the constitution of ICC in respect of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace.  
4 Office order for participant for All India Inter NIT Football (M) &Power Sports Tournament at NIT Durgapur from 3rd to 5th November 2023.  
5 Office Order regarding the name of Chief Proctor and HoD of Mechanical Engineering department, NIT Agartala.  
6 Office Order for All India Inter NIT BADMINTON (M & W) Tournament at NIT Jaipur from 14th Oct to 16th Oct 2023.  
7 Notice regarding timings of the Outdoor Patient Duty (OPD) of the Medical Centre of NIT Agartala.  
8 Memo regarding amendment in the procedure of semester registration the for students of NIT Agartala.  
9 Memo regarding Fee Structure for the 4- year Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP) to be commenced from 2023-24 academic session.  
10 Office Order regarding the responsibilities of Chairperson, Internal Complaint Committee (ICC), NIT Agartala.  
11 Notification regarding the formation of CCD Disciplinary Committee.  
12 Notice regarding adherence to Office Timings.  
13 Circular on Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign from 13th to 15 August.  
14 Submission of Annual Performance Appraisal Report for the period of 1st July, 2022 to 30th June, 2023 by the regular employees of NITA  
15 Notification regarding constitution of Student Discipline Manual Committee  
16 Prof. Debasish Neogi, MHSS Deptt., will act as HoD GeM of NIT Agartala  
17 Notice regarding online refund module for the refund of fees.  
18 Observance of Pledge for all the employees of Central/State Government to take a pledge on Mission Life on 5th June, 2023.  
19 Circular regarding taking over the charge of Director  
20 Office Order assigning the duties of Nodal Officer for All India Survey on Higher Education.  
21 Office Order assigning the duties & responsibilities of Chairman, Vehicle Committee, NIT Agartala.  
22 Office Order assigning the duties & responsibilities of Dean (P&D) & HoD EE Wing of Estate Section of NIT Agartala.  
23 Office Order assigning the duties of Chairman, STIC, NIT Agartala.  
24 Office Order assigning In-Charge, Campus Security, NIT Agartala.  
25 Circular regarding entry/updation of Family details in MIS Portal of NIT Agartala.  
26 Office Order assigning responsibilities of Associate Dean (P&D) and FIC (CA) of NIT Agartala.  
27 Notification for Anti Ragging Squad Committee of NIT Agartala.  
28 Notification regarding Anti Ragging Committee of NIT Agartala.  
29 Office Order nominating Manish Kumar, Dy. Registrar (Admin), NIT Agartala as HoD-GeM.  
30 Office Order regarding regarding procedure/guidelines of allotment of Institute vehicles for official duty.  
31 Office Order regarding new Warden-ship of RNT Hostel  
32 Office Order for assigning the works of Chairman ACoFAR and Institute Purchase Committee of NIT Agartala.  
33 Office Order for assigning the works of Chief Information Security Officer of NIT Agartala.  
34 Office Order assigning the faculty members with additional duties.  
35 Office Order regarding outstation visits.  
36 Office Order of New warden list of Boys hostels, NIT Agartala.  
37 Circular for submission of Immovable Annual Property Return (IAPR) by the regular Teaching and Non-Teaching staff of the Institute for the year 2022 (01/01/2022 to 31/12/2022).  
38 Circular for submission of Children Education Allowance reimbursement.  
39 Office Order regarding Cultural and Technical Committee of NIT Agartala.  
40 Office Order regarding prior approval of the Competent Authority for any committee to be constituted for any decision/policy.  
41 Memorandum constituting committee to look at the affairs at Medical Unit, NIT Agartala.  
42 Circular regarding link of MIS account applying for retention.  
43 Circular for Head Quarter leave.  
44 Notification regarding Vigilance Clearance.  
45 Memorandum regarding online awareness about the role and responsibility of the Directorate of Public Grievances (DPG), Cabinet Secretariat among general public- reg.  
46 Circular regarding Communication Security Advisory for Government Officials.  
47 Memorandum regarding authenticity of the data of the ERP.  
48 Circular regarding treatment/ regularization of hospitalization/ quarantine period during COVID-19 Pandemic.  
49 Office Order regarding RMC Committee of NIT Agartala.  
50 Circular for implementing e-Governance (Online Leave) at NIT Agartala.  
51 Notification regarding use of outsourcing staff of NIT Agartala.  
52 Office Order regarding the leave for employees of NIT Agartala.  
53 Circular regarding revised leave format for all employee of NIT Agartala.  
54 Circular regarding revised guidelines for assessment of PBAR/APAR in respect of regular faculty of NITA-reg.  
55 Notification regarding the "Flag Code of India, 2002".  
56 Notification regarding the Grievance Redressal Committee of NIT Agartala.  
57 Circular regarding official timing of NIT Agartala.  
58 Circular regarding submission of final Ph.D thesis after Defense viva voice