Sr. No. Title Download
1 Application form for Caution Money.  
2 Application form for fee exemption.  
3 Application form for refund of excess fee amount.  
4 Application format for field visit and data collection.  
Sr. No. Title Download
1 Application Forms for Certificates,Mark Statement,Transcripts etc.  
2 Application form for Institute / Departmental Rank Certificate  
3 Proforma for application of appearing in Make Up Examination  
4 Proforma of application for reviewing the Answer Scripts  
Sr. No. Title Download
1 Alumni Feedback Form  
2 Guardian Feedback Form  
3 Employer Feedback Form  
4 Application for Internet Access  
5 Application for Institute Email Account  
6 Format of General Advance Adjustment Form (GAADJF)  
7 Format of General Advance Request Form (GARF)  
8 Format for LTC, LTC Advance and self declaration.  
9 Application format for Identity Card  
10 Format for opening the MIS Account  
11 Requisition and declaration form for repair and maintenance of computers.  
Sr. No. Title Download
1 Sponsorship Letter (Form-1A)  
2 Sponsorship No-Objection Certificate (Form-1B)  
3 Sponsorship Certificate of External Registration (Form-2)  
4 Semester Registration (Form-3)  
5 Undertaking for Award of Scholarship (Form-4)  
6 Doctoral Committee Formation (Form-5)  
7 Provisional Enrollment (Form-6)  
8 Change in Doctoral Committee (Form-6A)  
9 Comprehensive Examination Committee (Form-7)  
10 Change of Examiners in Comprehensive Examination Committee (Form-7A)  
11 Comprehensive Examination Report (Form-8)  
12 Report on Registration (Form-9)  
13 Registration Memo (Form-10)  
14 Progress Report (Form-11)  
15 Change of Supervisor  
16 Change of Category (Form-12A)  
17 Synopsis Report (Form-13)  
18 Publications of Scholar (Form-13A)  
19 Recommendation of Examiners (Form-14A)  
20 Thesis Receipt and Delivery Record (Form-14B)  
21 Declaration for Submission of Ph.D Thesis (Form-14C)  
22 Declaration for Submission of Modified Thesis (Form-14D)  
23 Appointment of Examiners (Form-14)  
24 Constitution of Oral Examination Board (Form-15)  
25 Change in Constitution of Oral Examination Board (Form-15A)  
26 Oral Examination Report (Form-16)  
27 Clearance Certificate (Form-17)  
28 Handling and Archiving (Form-18)  
29 Withdrawal Format (Form-19)  
30 TA, DA and Honorarium for Indian Examiner (Form-20)  
31 Remuneration Bill Format (Form-21)  
Sr. No. Title Download
1 Hostel No Dues Form  
2 Hostel Leaving Form  
3 Hostel Leave Format for Gargi Hostel