Department of Physics


The Physics Department is as old as NIT Agartala (NITA in 2006, formerly Tripura Engineering College) itself - a venerable forty nine years of age, established in 1965. The mandate of the Department is to conduct teaching courses and research in physics for students of Physics and engineering disciplines and conduct interdisciplinary studies, especially with engineering departments. The faculty members are engaged in rendering the post graduate and engineering undergraduates with the fundamental knowledge of physics and problem solving skills, requisite for a bright career, and striving tirelessly to improve the education further. The on running academic programmes from the Department of Physics are
• The department currently offers the course of Engineering Physics to 1st and 2nd semesters of engineering undergraduates (B.Tech) and Material Science to the 4th semester engineering undergraduates of Electrical branch.
• The department also offers 10 semester B.Tech-M.Tech dual degree programme in Engineering Physics and BS-MS dual degree programme in Physics. The dual degree program affords undergraduate students enhances the opportunity to broaden their studies and improve their career prospects.
• The department runs 4 semester master degree programme (M.Sc) in Physics. The unique course structure of M.Sc. (Physics) blends well the areas of contemporary and applied physics to create post-graduates who are equally comfortable with science and technology.
• The department has also runs the PhD (Physics) programme in different topics, within the major thrust areas of Applied Optics & Photonics, Plasma Physics, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Liquid Crystals and Atmospheric Science.
Department faculty members ensure the best possible research work for our research scholars engaged in respective fields of research. Many optional modules can be introduced from the research topics to feed the projects that will be offered science post-graduate students involving and introducing them to the department’s advanced research alongside academics.
• In 2014, the department has been recommended under the DST FIST programme with having initial grant of 1.10 Crore to develop the research and teaching activities.

Details of Academic Programmes

Sl No.

Course Name




Qualifying Degree


M.Sc in Physics

2 Years


JAM / Through Institute Test



B. Tech-M. Tech (dual degree ) in Engineering Physics

5 Years


Through JEE

Higher Secondary (+2)


B.S-M.S (dual degree ) in Physics

5 Years


Through JEE

Higher Secondary (+2)





Twice a year through Institute Test


Details of B.S. / M.S. and BT/MT Degree Programme

Details of Engineering Physics

  • Course Structure and Syllabus for two years M.Sc Course
  • Course structure and syllabus for five years B. Tech-M. Tech (dual degree) course in Engineering Physics
  • Course structure and syllabus for five years B.S-M.S (dual degree) course in Physics
  • Engineering Syllabus for Physics Course (B.Tech)
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  • Photos of National Workshop which was held on 4th February 2013
    One day National Workshop will be held on 9th July 2013

    Rules for five years B. Tech-M. Tech (dual degree) course in Engineering Physics
    Rules for five years B.S-M.S (dual degree) course in Physics