Department of Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering was created since the establishment of the institute as Tripura Engineering College (TEC), a state engineering college in the year 1965, which is now National Institute of Technology, Agartala. It has been converted from TEC to NIT, Agartala with effect from the 1st April 2006, though the Union Cabinet approved the proposal of the state government for conversion of TEC to National Institute of Technology on 23rd February ‘2006.Electrical Engineering department offers an 8- semester B.Tech programme in “Electrical Engineering” with 90 intake capacity and a 4-semester M.Tech programme in Power Electronics & Drives, Power System Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering with 18(Eighteen) intake capacity and 4 semester M.Tech program in Integrated Energy System with 10 intake capacity. for each specialization. Parallely department is providing Ph.D. degree especially in Instrumentation, Power System, Power Quality, Renewable Energy e.t.c.

Program Educational Objectives

We have three different specializations in our EE (PG) department. The objective of these programs for our students is to enhance the gratitude attributes for all our individual PG students as describes in the NBA manual. The PEOs are described as follows:

I. Preparation: To prepare students to excel in PhD programs or to succeed in industry / technical profession through global, rigorous education.
II. Core Competence: To provide students with a solid foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals required to solve engineering problems and also to pursue higher studies.
III. Breadth: To train students with good scientific and engineering breadth so as to comprehend, analyze, design, and create novel products and solutions for the real life problems.
IV. Professionalism: To inculcate in students professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, teamwork skills, multidisciplinary approach, and ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context.
V. Learning Environment: To provide student with an academic environment aware of excellence, Leadership, written ethical codes and guidelines, and the life-long learning needed for a successful professional career.
VI. Team Work: In present day and age the team work is an essential ingredient to execute a complex manufacturing task. The team work knowledge is important.


Under Graduate Prograammes:

B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering(4 years)
This course aims at providing all the facilities for producing technocrats with sound knowledge in all the subjects such as electrical machines, power systems, instrumentation etc. including the elective papers with a strong background of practical knowledge relevant to the theory papers. Graduates coming out will be able to orient themselves to take up any challenging jobs in the industry and also will be able to carry out research and developmental activities with innovative ideas. The students are assigned with a major project during the end semesters where they carry out the developmental work under the guidance /supervision of the staffs.

Click here to see the details syllabus of B.Tech(Old)
Click here to see the details syllabus of B.Tech(New)

Post Graduate Programmes: Electrical Engineering department provide M.Tech degree in following branches. It aims at providing all the facilities for training graduate engineers in the field of Power Electronics & Drives, Power System Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering, so that the students will be confident enough to undertake responsibility, research & consultancy work in their respective field. The students are assigned with a major project during the 3rd & 4th semesters where they carry out the developmental work under the guidance /supervision of the staffs to strengthen their knowledge in that respective field of work.

  • M.Tech in Power Electronics & Drives

  • M.Tech in Power System Engineering

  • M.Tech in Instrumentation Engineering

  • M.Tech in Integrated Energy System

news itemPG 2nd semester routine.

Click here to see the details syllabus of MTech (New)
Click here to see the details syllabus of MTech (old)

Ph.D (Doctor of Philosopy)
Facilities of research are provided by the department on different appropriate topics that leads to the completion of the degree of philosopy. On Going Ph.D works.
a) Broad brand frequency conversion using TIR-QPM.
b) Non Linear Optics
c) Power System Reliability
d) Distributed Generation and its impact on Power Quality
e) Development of Space Vector Modulation Algorithm using ‘α-β-γ’ Frame for four leg VSI.
f) Surface Plasmon Enhanced Linear and Non-linear Optical Devices
g) Deregulated Power System
h) High Temperature Superconducting Hysteresis Motor
i) Cost Optimization of Hybrid Power Plant
j) Power System Control and Optimization with FACTs Devices
k) Renewable Energy
l) Non-contact Multidirectional Vibration Sensor using 2-D Position Sensitive Detector
m) Power Quality Improvement using FACTs Controllers