Department of Chemical Engineering


Welcome to the department of Chemical Engineering at National Institute of Technology Agartala. The department is committed to excellence in teaching, research and service to the Nation. This department has been set up in the academic year of 2009-10 with sanctioned intake capacity of sixty students in the undergraduate level. The department has excellent facilities in terms of class rooms, UG laboratories, faculty cabin and research laboratory space. Within two years, the department has set up all major undergraduate laboratories (Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Operation, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Fuel and Combustion, Reaction Engineering) with around fifty equipments. The department has planned to offer post graduate programme shortly. Research laboratories have been planned according to the research interest of faculty members aiming cutting edge and interdisciplinary research activities. Currently, this department is looking for research activities in the field of Environmental engineering and waste treatment, Adsorption, Computational fluid dynamics, Biofuels, Systems Biology and Catalytic reactor.